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Film, 6:21 Min, 2021

Marzieh Emadi & Sina Saadat

collaboration with Amateurinnen Project, Film Museum

A woman undergoes cosmetic treatment of her face. Marzieh Emadi and Sina Saadat have appropriated the short film by Sissi Gaidos about the work of a beautician in the 1970s. The montage of the archival footage follows the rhythm of the beautician’s movements. The apparent torture of the human face during the procedure is mirrored in the editing: definite cuts and abrupt movements parallel the pulling and plucking of the beautician. Recording a projection of the footage material, the images have undergone a material transformation: the projection of digitally archived analog film was re-recorded with a Super-8 camera and re-transferred back to a digital file. The circular process of preserving and presenting an image can be associated with both the work of the beautician and the archivist.

Footage by: Kosmetische Ganzbehandlung, Sissi Gaidos

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