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Rope Walker

Video Art, 4:01 min, 2019

Marzieh Emadi/Sina Saadat


Video is collected from about 40 pieces of footage that came across each other to build a single moving picture or a live painting. Artists were filming at night in the same place in Vienna for about six months. They monitor the passengers' habitual behaviors for a specific time. The idea came to them to create a single picture representing life's routine and its continuous repetition, as there is always a pattern that passengers, without any apparent force, follow. It was as if they wanted to be in the main picture of the social system. The pattern has been imposed on them lightly over time. Individual personalities are deliberately taken, and collective behavior is taught to them. On a bigger scale, there could be an Image just when the majority don't act individually. In the end, a system with a single picture can not last forever, and it needs freshness because as it grows, the benefit of this mechanical function goes to some parts that hold the system. Above all, rope walkers walk the narrow line above an Abyss to make their choices and change the frame Image!

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