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Marzieh Emadi

Marzieh Emadi

Iranian artist based in Vienna.

Since 2018, she has collaborated with Sina Saadat.

Primarily exploring experimental artistic expressions.


Since 2015     Diploma video & video installation (Prof. Dorit Margreiter)

                           Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, AT 

2009     Bachelor of Arts in Painting, Art & Architecture University of Yazd, Iran

2004     Matura internship, graphic design, the Fine Art School of Yazd, Yazd, Iran 

Work experience & other activities

2022     Camerawoman/Puppet Animation, Film Project "SINE META DROM" 
                Tutor in the workshop and script development program "Primanima Jumpstart", Experimental                        Animation Workshop, Primanima Animation Festival 2022 Budapest, Hungry

                Production assistant, the project "of sea, leaves, sunshine and red"

2021-22     Student Assistant (Animation course), Academy of fine arts Vienna, AT

Since 2020    Festival team, Best Austrian Animation Festival, Vienna, AT 
2010-11      Drawing Teacher, Roghayeh Art College, Yazd, Iran   


Exhibitions & Screenings

2023      Group Screening, Breitenseer Lichtspiele, Film "Site", Vienna, AT

2023      Talents Day Programm in "Vienna Shorts", Film "To be", Vienna, AT

2023      Group Exhibition "Woman, Life, Freedom", Video Art "Frame", Vienna, AT

2023      Group Screening "Athens Commercial Triangle", Film "Site", Athens, Greece

2022      Group exhibition "Grounded Currents",  Video Installations "Rope Walker" and                                                            "Cosmetic", Animation "Es gibt allerdings Unaussprechliches", Verksmiðjan á                                                             Hjalteyri: Jarðtengingar, Island 
2021_22     Film, Amateurinnen Project, "Site", Screening: 
                        Film Museum, Vienna, AT 
                        EMAF 2022, Ösnabrück, Germany 
                        Cultural Event, Rec Forward, Nice, France 2021

                        Rundgang Or Something Like That, Virtuelle Online Group exhibition, Video                                                            Art "Renderable Mental Mental Imagery" 

2021_22     Experimental Animation Film "Es gibt allerdings Unaussprechliches", Selection, Screening:                                      2days animation Festival Online, Diagonale Graz, Trickywomen, Vienna shorts,                                                          Animateka, Exground Filmfest 35 Wiesbaden, NFC 50th Edition Montreal Canada,                                                  Film Fest Dresden, Tindirindis Festival, Stuttgart 2022

2021     Sixpackfilm Markt programm, Oberhausen 2021, Experimental Animation Film "Es gibt allerdings                        Unaussprechliches", Germany

2020    Parallel Vienna, Video Arts "Renderable Mental Imagery" & "Ham", Vienna, AT            

2019     Rundgang exhibition, Video Installation "Land of Nod", Academy of fine arts Vienna, AT

2019     Parallel Vienna _ Messe Wien, Video installation "Rope Walker", Vienna, AT   
2019     Print_Group exhibition, Ludwig & Adele im künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT 
2018     Rundgang exhibition, Video Art "Urge", Academy of fine arts Vienna, AT
2017     Rundgang exhibition, Film "Curtain", Academy of fine arts Vienna, AT    
2016     Rundgang exhibition, Video Art "Light", Academy of fine arts Vienna, AT    
2015     Rundgang exhibition, Film "In the Way", Academy of fine arts Vienna, AT    
2014     Drawing exhibition "Fragile Dreams", Ubik space, Vienna, AT     
2012     Painting exhibition "Season Group", Niyavaran Gallery, Tehran, IR    
2008_11     10 Group Exhibition "Season Group", Yazd Visual Arts Gallery, Yazd, IR

2007     Solo _ Exhibition "Without Pleasure", Art & Architecture University of Yazd, IR                               

2006     Drawing Group exhibition, Niyavaran Gallery, Tehran, IR 

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